Thursday, September 18, 2014

DIY Halloween Mantle 2014

DIY Halloween Mantle

I'm back on the blog! So excited to show you my Halloween mantle! I seriously love Halloween!!! I mean what other Holiday lets you put skulls and scary stuff out on display and no one questions your mental state? For the past five years, I have been decorating for the holiday, but just this year, I added a few more diy projects that I wanted to show off. 

I used my Teresa Collins Cut 'n' Boss, to create some simple projects  fast & easy!

First, here is the mantle display!

I went with a witch theme this time around, last year was more of a color (orange, white, and black) and a ton of birds a la Albert Hitchcock, but then one day as I was getting in my car, a ton of black birds sort of attacked my car, so I got scared and decided that I didn't like ravens that much, so I toned it down this year. I realize there are some stuff in need of balance on the mantle, but nothing is perfect in life now is it?Kind of love the not so "perfect look".

Anyway, on to projects:

My '31' frame is a dollar buy, and I just popped off the glass and embossed one piece of cardstock on the Teresa Collins Cut 'n' Boss using her 'About Time' folder and added chipboard stickers to decorate the rest. 

Took me 5 min!

My 'Wicked' Banner was made using the Cut n Boss with a couple of old dies. I just cut out the triangles (I used my eCraft for that) and then used a doily round die and some coordinating card-stock to put it together. For dimension, I added the emboss on the doily and flag banner. There doilies behind the round die cut, are from Michaels. 

Simple project ^ just a dollar store tiny frame with purple card-stock and a 3D sticker.

Now, no witch mantle is complete without spell books! I bought paper mache blank books at Michaels and used modge podge, paint and stickers to embellish!

Super simple! Just paint the books with some acrylic paint, let dry, and decorate! I modge podged the front with scrapbook paper, and added stickers to add more oomph!

These are the paints and stickers I used for anyone wanting to know. :)

 This is the inside* I plan on adding some spiders or candy, but will wait until we are closer to Halloween!

I hope you liked these projects!

Let me know what you think!



  1. The entire shelve is looking incredible i liked it very much. thanks for sharing it with us. i have got some really good ideas out o it.