Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nautical Baby Shower

Boy On Board!

Sorry, I have been MIA from the blog, but it's Summer and the kiddos and I are soaking up the sun before they go back to school! This summer has been awesome! Matthew is 10 & Olivia is 7, and its perfect. 

They are just so easy going and fun! it's weird that I have kids this age, because it seems all my friends are just barely starting their family. I was a youngster mom, and I kind of like it, but I also missed out on the whole Pinterest baby showers! ;)

My dear friend Yessi is pregnant with her second, and it's a boy! (she has a big girl at home!) Isn't she the prettiest pregnant lady?!?! 

This is Yessi ^

She's from the coast of Mexico, and loves all things Nautical, so I teamed up with another friend and threw her a Nautical baby shower for her baby boy!

I made this cute little watercolor banner for her and sort of used the colors as the inspiration!

We did Navy Blue, Baby Blues & Green mint with White and a tiny bit of gold. 

My partner host Nikki Maxon did the food, and it looked gorgeous! Check out the spread!

Sugar cookies as sand dollars?! Come on! It's Pin worthy!^ I'm sure it's been done, but did they taste as good? Probably not! Nikki is a whiz in the kitchen!

"Crab cakes" where just chicken salad cakes in the shape of a crab! 

Love how it all went together! And with baby Steven's dropping in 3 weeks it was just in time! 




  1. Wonderful blog! Your party d├ęcor is simply astonishing. Will share this with my friend who is planning her sister’s baby shower at one of Los Angeles event venues. She was looking for such ideas as she wants to make her day memorable.

  2. Congratulations to your friend and yes she is prettiest pregnant lady. like the overall decoration of the party. Hope you people had fun.