Thursday, June 26, 2014

Airbrushed Coffee Filter '4th of July' Wreath

Airbrushed Coffee Filter '4th of July' Wreath


Is everyone else super excited about the USA in the World Cup?! My husband seriously is on cloud 9! Here are casa de Gibbons, we enjoy soccer. And lately, the patriotism has become quite strong! To celebrate, and replace my sad Easter wreath, I decided to create something for the 4th of July using my eBrush!

 Plus my door was basically begging for the change. It still had the Easter Egg wreath hanging and the little eggs had gone from bright and colorful, to white from the being sun bleached


So, I went into my craft room and I found a wreath form in white styrofoam that I had bought months ago.. (i have a habit of buying on sale, and with no real project in mind..:/)

I went to the store and bought some white coffee filters & toothpicks, and decided i would do a coffee filter wreath like this one.

But, I was going to add a little twist by adding color with my eBrush! 

This is how it turned out:
Fun huh?

Here is how I did it: 

           Step 1: Place coffee filters on wreath form. I just used two coffee filters at a time, folded them in half, and then once more until it looked like a flower. I used two toothpicks to pin down on the wreath. Not gonna lie, it took a long time! So, I suggest buying a wooden wreath form and hot glue the coffee filters!

Step 2: Used my eBrush and Spectrum Noir Markers (Red & Blue) they came in the HSN bundle! I simply sprayed the wreath in the inner part of the wreath in blue and then used read on the outside.  You need a few coats of color to really get the vibrant look, but it takes no time at all! Just go over it a few times.  The great thing is that you can't mess this project up! You just keep airbrushing until the color is they way you like!

Step 3: Using my digital die cutter, I cut out the word: 4th of July and some stars with glitter chipboard, and hot glued on the front of the wreath.

Here it is outside where it was more sunny! ^

The result is this really fun, festive look! Your guests will be ready to party the moment they come to your door! 


I hope you enjoyed this project!



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  2. Amazing piece of work I am amazed how people can make such inspiring things with minor stuff at home. i liked the shiny stars on it . they are making the entire piece look awesome.