Thursday, February 13, 2014

You've Captured My Heart: Polaroid Valentines!

Polaroid Valentines Cards!

Happy Valentines! I seriously, stayed up WAY too late yesterday, finishing up my kids Valentines cards. Every year it seems like I have one idea or the other, which is fun, but sometimes it's just fun to not do much and enjoy the holidays. 

Well, my son is all for easy! He wanted to just buy his Valentines, and I was sooo happy he did! Last year we made his, and it took forever!!!!!!!!!!! But he's in 4th grade, and he is starting to just not care about this holiday too much. If only this will last until the end of High School!Uh, huh.. I can dream.

 Well, having dodged bullet on the DIY Valentines for Matthew, I thought I could talk Olivia into the same, but NOPE. She still wanted to make them, and by her making them, it meant me helping her.... a lot! And she's ambitious too! 

So, we sat down and thought about what we wanted to do. She loves my INSTAX camera and I had already used it as part of my inspiration for my 'polaroid Valentines banner' So, I suggested doing something that pertained to taking pictures. We brainstormed and we decided on making a cardboard camera, and cutting out her valentines cards like a 'Polaroid' picture. You see, polaroids are such old technology, but to these digi kids, it's magical! Olivia can't believe she gets to take a picture with my instax and get a picture in minutes! 

Anyway, I knew I could find something around the house to do it. and yes, I found stuff in the recycling bin!

I got a long piece of white cardboard and some round cardbord thing, that came inside a shipment of glasses from World Market. It made the PERFECT lense!

All I did was fold the cardboard into a triangle, and hot glued it to hold it together.

 I used Teresa Collins 'You are My Happy' collection to decorate the cardboard camera. I used an exacto knife to cut out a hole, to look through, and a long slit where the Polaroid cards can be pulled out.

Not perfect, but it works!

I loaded her 'camera' with cutouts of polaroids that I printed sayings of pictures related things, like 'Instant friends' and 'Oh, Snap! You're Awesome' and of course, 'You're picture perfect, Valentine!'

So, now Olivia has a Valentine's box/ Camera with instant Valentine cards! She loves it! ^^^

It turned out really cute, and was worth the effort! 

So, did you make your Valentines from scratch? or are you smart and use store bought? 

I want to know what other mama's out there are doing!



  1. Girl you Rock!!! Best mom award! That is so super cute!!!!!

  2. I am loving this!!! How wonderful and clever! Olivia steals the show!!! WOW!

  3. Sooo cute Jazmin! Awesome job, and Olivia is the perfect model! (What did other mamas do? This mama made heart sugar cookies…and that's it.)

    1. Ugh, that's actually harder than this Allison! I wish I knew how to make cookies!