Wednesday, November 14, 2012


So {Thankful}
I recently decided to qu*t Facebook... Forever? I don't know but as of now, I want to focus on my little miracles, and less on the extra stuff that doesn't matter.
While i love facebook, and find it as an easy way to connect with others, I also find it that when i connect on the internet more,  I connect less with my kids.
How? Well, I feel like after being on the computer for a little while, I tend to lose focus a bit. I get off the FB page and feel the weight of the world on my shoulders because I see posts that stress me out! Like friends getting divorced, post election drama, and family members arguing. It hurts to see this, and YES, I could block them.. But I asked myself..
Why are we now connecting over a public page, instead of over a personal note?
Why are we spending less time with the kids reading, and more time reading other people's life status?
Perhaps it's only me, but then again, it's not. I like keeping a blog as it is my therapudic way of writting or sharing my projects but, I found myself skipping lunch dates and almost feeling fullfilled with just writing on somebody's wall.
Once that happened, I decided to SNAP our of it! and do more at home and focus on my the blessings that call me mom..
Like this little princess... Always, so feminine and always positive..
And on little things... like my bangs! I want to take a vacation, and get away but sometimes a little haircut makes you feel better and refreshed! And it costs next to nothing compared to a getaway.. Plus, I'm thankful that my good friend is my hairdresser and we get to chat about the joys of mommyhood! or sometimes not so joyious aspects of mommyhood!

Thankful for my furry third child, Riley. He is a lab rescue and the sweetest, cozy little guy!

And of course my sweet boy Matthew! He's love and compassion for others never sease to amaze me!

And of course my husband. He is not pictured because he is often out working 100 hours a week as a Orthopedic resident, and when he comes home, we snuggle and talk. No pictures as he is tired and usually ready for bed.. but we LOVE him.
So, here I am reflecting on the important things and now the things that seemed to bother me a few days ago, are already a thing of the past. My life seems less chaotic and I have enjoyed being away from it all. I love my life, and I cannot attest at how much of a difference it makes to just take a step back, and cut the things that you think make you feel "happy" and truly get back to being happy.


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  2. I totally agree with her. Social media connects us with people but diconnects us with our closest relatives. We should just try to forget internet for sometime.