Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday Gift Wrap Idea!

It's a Wrap!

Last week was my mother's bday. I had to do something special for her! That special thing I did was wrap some DoTerra Essential Oils in a cute little package for her!

A few weeks ago, I hosted a DoTerra demo and my mom really wanted to purchase some oils. BUT the oils are not cheap. Still, wanting to give her some, I bought the sample pack trip for $25 dls and wrap them pretty to present to her. 

She liked the box, and she liked her gift more! 

I used brown paper, lace, doilies, cutouts and stickers for this wrap job.

I hope you like!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Summer Layout


Hello! I'm a guest designer over at the Craftwell Blog today! Be sure to check out the material list for this layout on their blog!

Here are some snapshots of my project!

Thank you for visiting!


Thursday, March 6, 2014


How To Organize Your Craft Space & Home!

Are you at all like me? Do you spend time on Pinterest pinning pictures of organized spaces to pump you up, and help you tackle your looooooooooooonnnnnng to-do organizational list? 

Do you wish, you had a craft space below  where you can know where everything is at your fingertips and can stay that way long after you have finished your latest craft creation, and have containers that look awesome and also happen to be labeled in cute little chalkboard tags? 

Does your idea of a perfectly organized craft room look like  this:

Or this:

Do you find pictures of organizational ideas that you are like; "that is the best idea!" only to then get told by Pinterest you have already pinned it?

like this one:

If you have answered YES, to at least one of these questions, then don't lose hope! Because if I can organize, then so can you!

I recently decided that I was tired of living in a disorganized mess! Honestly, like stressed out! I couldn't find things, I was tripping over my stuff, and I felt hopeless as to how in the heck I was going to tackle my mess! Especially, in my craft room, that as of now has the door open for the first time in like a year in a half! (I used to just close the door, and try to forget!) :)

Now, I'm not going to lie and tell you that my home is now 100% organized, because that would be a blatant lie! But, I have improved in a TON of areas, and I continue to make strides everyday! 

You see, I used to "Organize" the way, I thought things should be. You know based on pictures ;) But then after a month, things would end up a big mess again! So, I tried these ideas, and after 2 months my closet, bathroom, and craft space are in good shape!

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a professional anything, but these steps have helped me, and I'm not very consistent with things for long, so the fact that these steps have kept me going says a lot! I hope these tips can help you in some way. 

Here are some TIPS for Organizing your craft space & home! And guess what? They are doable and realistic!

1) Be realistic. Notice I only mentioned my closet, craft room & bathroom as being organized? Yeah, my house isn't missing any rooms, nor do I live in a shoe, it just happens that those are the first ones that I have truly organized that have stayed that way! Yep. Organizing takes A PLAN, TIME & PATIENCE! Be realistic! begin with one closet at a time, then move to another, and eventually you will get to tackle actual rooms!

2)Have a Plan. I began my organizational journey with my closet. Why the closet you ask? Well, I decided that I use my closet everyday and it was taking me WAYYYYY to long to get dressed each morning. And not only did it get me frustrated each morning (which is no bueno) I was losing precious time to do more productive things. With me tackling my closet, which didn't take me long, since I know what stuff I don't like anymore or use at a glance, I was able to get that done in one day. Now I have added 30 minutes to my day, and my kids are appreciating my positive attitude as I drop them off to school. So, begin with one thing that works for you! 

Also, what do you do with all the stuff you no longer need? Donate, sell, or pass down. *I find that if I believe in a charity to donate to, I never feel bad about giving stuff away. I donate my clothes to Operation Kindness, where they use the proceeds of the sale of donated items to care for pets in need of a home. 

3) Stay motivated.Easier said than done, right? Well, this kind of goes hand in hand with the PLAN. Tackle things that you know will be done quickly and move on. This way, you start small, but accomplishing things, will give you that motivation to continue. 

{Here is a picture of my desk caddy, all organized! This took me just a few minutes, but kept me going!}

4) Consider your habits. Remember I told you I used  to organized based on where I thought things should be/go? Well, guess what. I don't keep everything I use where it should go, and that causes the chaos again. You see, I use my under the sink cabinet as a place to put new things to replenish the house with. Like mouthwash, make up, and new kitchen sponges. Why? because I made it my habit to just store all new things there. Wouldn't it make sense to put the kitchen sponges under the kitchen sink? Of course! But I have my cabinet set, and no matter how many times I try to change that, I just don't do it. So, if you know you won't keep something in a specific space/place, then put it somewhere you know you will put it away every time. This is also true with my stamps, my dies, my stickers. I don't put my dies in a container, I just leave them on my desk, so now, I hang them in my magnetic board over my desk, where I can find them every time!

 5)Don't spend money! I have made this mistake many times. I go out and buy containers, cute boxes, make labels etc. to 'organize' and then, I just end up with more stuff! First, plan, then tackle (little by little) and once you are done organizing, consider if something needs a container. I found that all of my chipboard pieces are better in a glass container on my desk, than on a plastic bin in my closet. 

And there you have it. Truly, I thought about these things for awhile, and figuring out my habits, planning, and then doing things little by little, have given me that extra push to really organize my space. 



Thursday, February 13, 2014

You've Captured My Heart: Polaroid Valentines!

Polaroid Valentines Cards!

Happy Valentines! I seriously, stayed up WAY too late yesterday, finishing up my kids Valentines cards. Every year it seems like I have one idea or the other, which is fun, but sometimes it's just fun to not do much and enjoy the holidays. 

Well, my son is all for easy! He wanted to just buy his Valentines, and I was sooo happy he did! Last year we made his, and it took forever!!!!!!!!!!! But he's in 4th grade, and he is starting to just not care about this holiday too much. If only this will last until the end of High School!Uh, huh.. I can dream.

 Well, having dodged bullet on the DIY Valentines for Matthew, I thought I could talk Olivia into the same, but NOPE. She still wanted to make them, and by her making them, it meant me helping her.... a lot! And she's ambitious too! 

So, we sat down and thought about what we wanted to do. She loves my INSTAX camera and I had already used it as part of my inspiration for my 'polaroid Valentines banner' So, I suggested doing something that pertained to taking pictures. We brainstormed and we decided on making a cardboard camera, and cutting out her valentines cards like a 'Polaroid' picture. You see, polaroids are such old technology, but to these digi kids, it's magical! Olivia can't believe she gets to take a picture with my instax and get a picture in minutes! 

Anyway, I knew I could find something around the house to do it. and yes, I found stuff in the recycling bin!

I got a long piece of white cardboard and some round cardbord thing, that came inside a shipment of glasses from World Market. It made the PERFECT lense!

All I did was fold the cardboard into a triangle, and hot glued it to hold it together.

 I used Teresa Collins 'You are My Happy' collection to decorate the cardboard camera. I used an exacto knife to cut out a hole, to look through, and a long slit where the Polaroid cards can be pulled out.

Not perfect, but it works!

I loaded her 'camera' with cutouts of polaroids that I printed sayings of pictures related things, like 'Instant friends' and 'Oh, Snap! You're Awesome' and of course, 'You're picture perfect, Valentine!'

So, now Olivia has a Valentine's box/ Camera with instant Valentine cards! She loves it! ^^^

It turned out really cute, and was worth the effort! 

So, did you make your Valentines from scratch? or are you smart and use store bought? 

I want to know what other mama's out there are doing!


Monday, January 27, 2014

All You Need is LOVE

Tassel Garland

I updated my LOVE polaroid garland with the ever popular tassel garland! Well, i layered them and I love the festive feel! 

Are you into the tassel garland trend?

I will post a tutorial on how to do this the lazy way! I seriously, love finding way to skip steps! 

Hopefully I will have it up by the end of the week! 


Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Polaroid Banner

I'm back with another easy project! I normally decorate for all Holidays, and Halloween is usually my favorite Holiday to decorate for, so today, I bring you my Valentines's decor!

 This year, I'm going low key with Valentines. I usually do way more, but with my husband traveling for work interviews, and my daughters birthday happening a day after my sister's sweet sixteen birthday, it really has all just stressed me out a bit more than usual.

If you follow my Instagram, you know I'm obsessed with the filters and tend to decorate my pictures. So, while I was at this year's CHA show, I got inspired by Teresa Collins Polaroid picture banner, and decided to do something similar, but with paper and letters.

I used my eCraft to cut out the polaroid frames (you can use your own die cutter, like the sillouhette) I cut them to be 5 inches tall, and simply cut out some Teresa Collins' paper, and positioned on the back of the 'polaroid' frame. I used the Teresa Collins' 'Save the Date' collection, and the clouds are from a Maggie Holmes paper pack for crate paper. I like how the clouds add to the picture effect! And the flowers, mixed with hearts and polka-dots from the TC collection, tie it all together and add a fresh, spring feel to it!

The text for the banner was cut with black cardstock on my eCraft as well. And holding it all together, is my trusty, Xyron mega runner glue! Lastly, I simply punched out two holes at the top of the cards, and used some gold twine, to hang it. 

Just to add a little something on top of the mantle, I pulled out my pink lovebird, and used some more of TC's paper to put behind glass in one of my frames. To contrast it, I used one of Teresa Collins' wooden pieces with the word 'always' to accentuate the whole display. 

I hope you liked my banner! This is simple but one of my favorites! 


Friday, January 3, 2014

DIY Planner 2014

DIY Planner

Happy New Year! I'm so excited for this year as I have set many crafty goals for myself.

One of those goals, include being organized with my life and craft room space. So, the first step to my organization plan  is to schedule my life and of course, write things down in my planner!

I guess this is my cheap version of a filofax planner. I like the filofax planner and it would be fun to get one, but at the same time, i change my mind about the look of things so often that shelling out $60 dollars for a planner that I may not like forever, sounds like too much for me. 

Instead, I bought this little binder at Target for $7 dollars. I'm way into gold and orange right now, so when i saw this,  I knew i wanted it to become my new planner! This size of binder fits the Avery refills so it was easy to just put some plain sheets with all the stuff i needed, and gave me the freedom to dress it up with pretty things! 

So, here are some pictures of my 2014 planner! Here's to hoping I use it more than last years planner! ;)

I embossed the cardboard projector on my eBosser using the 'Starburst' Folder by Teresa Collins. I used printed cards from We R Memory makers, Teresa Collins 'You are my Happy' collection, and topped it off with some Dear Lizzy 'Fifth and Frolic'stuff.

I used Dear Lizzy thickers to highlight the year & the tabs are stickers from Teresa Collins Collection, 'Daily Stories'

The gold trim is from Teresa Collins 'You are My Happy' Collection.

I had some plastic Avery dividers in my closet that fit the binder, and although they didn't match my planner, I still wanted to add them as I could use them to tape down mini photos and stickers. For extra flair, I embossed them as well with the eBosser!

For this page, I used my Dear Lizzy cutouts from her 'Fifth & Frolic' collection, and some adorable nerdy glasses sticker from You are My Happy collection by TC,

I like the old library card, and the glasses and sparkle from the scalloped trim.

Finally, I embossed the last page with Teresa Collins, 'Decor Circles'folder for the eBosser, and used more thickers, and chipboard pieces to accentuate the page.

I love my planner! And I like that I customized it for me! Is it perfect? Of course not! But then again, what is?

To see a quick slide show of my planner click here!

Happy New Years everyone!