Friday, March 23, 2012

Hunger Games Night!

Hunger Games!!!

I'm so excited for today's post! Last night was such a fun night! A few of my friends and I went to see the Hunger Games movie! I'm a BIG fan of the series, and I was counting down the days, until the movie opened! I honestly, devoured those books! I do admit, I started the Hunger Games series after reading the Twilight series, so you can see that going from a sparkly vampire story, to a crazy, sadistic world story, was a wee bit shocking, to say the least. Still the story had me so intrigued that I kept going, until the very last page of Mockingjay, which was in my opinion the best book of the series!

But fast forward to last night. I was planning on going to the 12:02am showing, as I just could not hold off another day to see it! Yes, I'm a nerd. Anyway, I like themes, and yes, I was planning on braiding my hair, and doing some sort of "light" costume for the show. Yep, I'm super awesome.... NOT.

Good thing, a friend of mine saw this awesome tutorial on how to make a mockingjay t-shirt, and  persuaded me to go the tshirt route, and asked if my eCraft could cut out a template, to make something similar. And of course, the answer was YES!!! I was glad I went with the t-shirt, as I would have regretted looking like Katniss Everdeen, after kids. Not very hot, or desirable.

So, I used my eCraft Pro Shop (free software included with the eCraft) To cut a Mockinghay SVG file, that a friend created for me.

It was super easy!!!

Just uploaded my SVG to my eCraft Pro Software, connected my machine to the computer and inserted my cardstock to cut.

Here is a picture of my template after being finished:

I used 0 tabs,  and a pressure of 5 and cut using a stabilizer so that the negative of the image would fall of the page, and I didn't have to "punch" it out off the cardstock.

The Mockingjay cut FLAWLESSLY! And we made several in just a few minutes!

And here is the final product! I simply taped down the cardstock template to a shirt ( I positioned where I wanted, first) Then I grabbed fabric paint, that I mixed with fabric glue, and painted inside the Mockinjay using a stencil brush. Once, done, I simply sprinkled some gold glitter and I was ready to go! I let it air dry, and then blowed dried it a little to speed it up. I have to iron, to seal, but I will do that later in the week after a recuperate from my late movie night... Ugh, I ended up getting home close to 4 am!!! But it was SOOO WORTH IT!!!!

Happy Hunger Games Everyone!




  1. Great job Jazmin! The shirt looks awesome!

  2. Jazmin you had to get so many compliments on that shirt! Everyone I am sure wanted to know where you bought it! It looks great. Now I will have to keep your blog from my daughter or she will be wanting one, well two, an e-craft and the shirt! Great Job!

  3. Thank you all, for visiting my little blog! I had a lot of fun making the shirt, and best of all, saved me a lot of money! it only cost me $5 dollas to make!


  4. Oh wow! Awesome job and looks great!