Thursday, May 3, 2012

Yo, Where you at?!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I'm 28 years old, and it seems like time goes by faster the older I get. Sorry, I have been MIA from the blog!!!

My beautiful kiddos are almost done with school, and with that comes a lot of parties, and end of school celebrations that are seriously taking a lot of time.

Not to mention, that my little boy turns 8 in JUNE! So, I'm busy preparing his Ninja party! More on that later....

Speaking of parties, I wanted to post pictures of my daughers 5th birthday! This happened in January, but I just loved how it turned out!

Originally, my little girl wanted a Barbie beach party, but after looking online with her for inspiration (Pinterest mostly) she thought, a glamour Barbie would be better. This ended up being quite great, because a friend of mine had sent me a bunch of Barbie's SVG's to cut with my eCraft!!!

And so it began like this:

I created her invites with polkadots, and hot pink glitter! (sorry, I don't have a pic of these!) I made tags, for the goodie bags using the Barbie silloutte as the main focus and went from there.

It snowballed into a vintage Barbie party, and it was really sweet!

The cake was a composite of images found on Pinterest!

After I made the invites, I found this dress:

How perfect right?! And at ROSS of all places!!!

We had makeup fun, and placed the bow on the Barbie head, instead of the donkey, who is much less fab.

For the googie bags, I filled with make up, and Olivia's own brand of lipgloss!

Olivia is a No. 5 kind of gal.. ;)

To make the lipgloss I followed this tutorial.

And that's it! Sorry, for not having pictures of all the little details! I love looking at those pictures just like all the amazing impirational photos on Pinterest, but I find that if I focus on the 'pretty' I would have missed the real reason for the celebration: My little lady.

Hope you liked!




  1. How pretty! Fabulous job Jazmin. TFS
    Have a great day!