Friday, December 6, 2013

Teresa Collins 'In Time for the Holidays' Blog Hop!

Teresa Collins 'In Time for the Holidays' Blog Hop!

Welcome to Day 5 and the final day of the Teresa Collins Holiday Blog Hop! 

Today, I went a little overboard while wrapping my daughters Christmas present. 

Olivia is 6, and she is into pink, and sparkles and most recently into her glasses. She recently got some prescription glasses after we found out that she had a terrible eye sight. So terrible, that she may need surgery in a few months, but right now she's wearing some high prescription glasses and we are hoping this will delay or eliminate the need for surgery later on.

I made the whole getting glasses experience really fun, and got her the highest index glass possible, because she is so far sided that otherwise her glasses would look like coke bottles... NO JOKE. 

Not wanting to chance her getting picked on at school, we went with a trendy pair. And now she LOVES them! And all her friends tell her how great she looks, which really makes her feel good.

                         She looks pretty rad!

Wanting to celebrate her new look, and improved "outlook" on life, I wrapped her Christmas gift (from Mommy & Daddy)with all things nerdy & cool! 

OK, OK. This did take me a really long time! I stamped brown paper with some nerdy glasses stamp I got at Michaels (dollar section) in pink, and made a tag that I embossed with Teresa Collins eBosser & her 'Houndstooth' folder. 

The 'Houndstooth' folder is perfect! It reminds me of nerdy plaid!

The emboss is as deep as it can go without ripping, and it's seriously beautiful! 

I'm hoping she likes it! The gift, and the gift wrap too! ;)

But now, lets give YOU a chance to win the Teresa Collins eBosser for the Holidays! 

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And now, continue to hop along! 

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  1. so it~ thank you for an inspiring week of projects on the blog hop!

  2. Jazmin.... YOU did absolutely the "Right" thing for your daughter. Look at her BEAUTIFUL smile with her ADORABLE glasses. She feels great in them! I know as a parent you don't want your child hurt. I love
    ALL the details you put into your daughters gifts...They are perfect! Thank you so much for sharing!
    I have had so much fun all week!

  3. I hope she loves this as much as the love you demonstrate for your daughter by going to all the effort. Love the paper and the tag!!

  4. She is cute with her glasses!! I love the tag and the 'Houndstooth' folder was perfect!

  5. My Christmas wish for you is that your daughter doesn't need the surgery! She looks so adorable in her glasses and I bet she is going to LOVE the wrapping on her present! Such a great idea to help her adjust to getting glasses! TFS!

  6. Love the glasses! Your daughter is adorable and what a great mom to wrap like that! Having fun blog hopping and hoping to win the TC Embosser!

  7. How adorable this wrap job
    is! Too cute. Hope she loves
    Carla from Utah

  8. Your daughter is so cute!!! What a clever idea for the gift wrap and tag :)

  9. Your daughter is precious and so is your gift wrap! Love the "Nerdy" Embossing you did with the "Houndstooth" folder. It's just darling!

  10. She is so pretty!!! And it was so sweet of you to do that beautiful gift wrap for her! Adorable!

  11. Thanks for sharing! Love the tag! Simple & intricate! & all the effort you've put in, your daughter''ll definitely love it :)

  12. The tag looks so dainty and professional just by using the Houndstooth embossing folder.Loving the Teresa Collins embossing folders.