Monday, August 5, 2013

CHA Vegas Summer


So, the CHA Summer show happened and I loved every minute of it! And by now, it's probably old news, but I just got a chance to upload all my photos, so I wanted to post a little recap of my time there! As always, I feel so very blessed to be working for a company that appreciates my work and flies me out to these amazing events. They are all seriously, so amazing and have now morphed into extended family. 

This was my first time in Vegas, so I had to take pictures of EVERYTHING! and if I had my way, I would post every picture i have, but that would make my post extremely long, and you would probably see a ton of slot machines in every picture, which I'm sure you are not excited to see. 

But lets begin! Upon my arrival, I took my camera out and took a picture of the sign at the airport! How exciting, huh?!...NOT. I looked like such a tourist!

Ok, I really liked this chandelier! So like showgirl/flashy! This was at our hotel, and I was like: "Oh, sparkly!"

I went from the airport to the hotel, to the convention center to help set up our booth! This is like 3 minutes after arriving and I looked like crap! but the booth needed setting up so I was excited to get it over with! I was super happy to see Emily! I miss this girl!

Once the booth was set up, it was time to go to the hotel to check in... OR so I thought! It turns out there was a media event, and the amazing Emily Rudolph who always does those events was rehearsing for a live tv show the next day... So, still greasy from my flight, and sweaty from the booth set up, I now had to roll up my sleeves and head to the demo media event. This is not a big deal to me, but it was when someone shoved a microphone in my face and filmed my demo while asking me stuff!  I hate being on tv! If you all see that video floating around, please know I looked the way I did, as I had a hectic day!...and don't laugh!

The show was amazing! Because we were there to promote our new partnership with Teresa Collins, we got to meet and hang out with her team! They are seriously so sweet! I was glad to have met them! Oh, and these "hunky" guys were part of our 'tongue and cheek' way to show off the new "relationship" between Craftwell & Teresa! 

Although we work hard, we also take time to play! the first day at CHA we got wind that it was Teresa Collins' bday! So, the Craftwell gang decided to head over to Caesars Palace, and into Carmines for a family style dinner!

Again, everyone had a wonderful time and we got to meet Teresa's Team! Such an amazing group of people! I was really impressed with them!

Oh, another thing I was impressed with? Teresa Collins! She is sweet, and works harder than anyone I have ever met! We surprised her by signing happy birthday to her! I think we got her!

The rest of the show was really fun! Everyday we got to work and show off the new Teresa Collins eBosser and embossing folder collection, and everyone loved it! I love demoing the eBosser and seeing people's jaws drop at how amazing it is!

The thing with these events, is that there is so much eye candy it's hard to take in everything! But the above pics are just a few things that caught my eye!

I hope you liked my recap of CHA! I had so much fun, but its taken me about a week to re-coup! We work hard, and play hard! Not a bad motto eh?



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