Monday, June 9, 2014

Airbrushed 'To-Do' List/Summer Fun with the eBrush by Craftwell!

Airbrushed 'To-Do' List

It's Summer! And my plan is to post more kids crafty projects over the next few months! I love that my kids are out of school! And I'm really wanting to plan activities for the next few months, because I don't want the kids planted in front of the tv 24/7... SO, kid projects it is to keep their minds busy! 

And speaking of kid projects, I have to tell you about my new favorite toy...

Introducing the eBrush by Craftwell! This nifty little tool will have you airbrushing anything and everything in sight! 

So, the eBrush is an air compressor that turns markers into airbrush paint. It's sooooooo fun, and simple! So, simple, my 7 year old daughter Olivia is turning into a total pro! Great for kid art time! -And equally great for mommy craft time! Seriously, I have sooo many projects in mind! Stay tuned!

So, every summer it seems that we end up in a rut. We sort of love swimming, and watching movies, and that's fun an all, but the kids really do need more stimulation. So this summer, I decided to have the kids write down things they want to accomplish during the next few months. This way, if we ever don't know what to do, we can reference our 'Summer To-Do List' and check off something we haven't done.

Well, today was their first official day of summer (the weekend didn't count) and what do you know? it was cloudy and rainy!...... FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, a 10 & 7 year old with energy to power a city, and the day was not cooperating! 

Panicked,  I went into my craft room and introduced the kids to the eBrush!

We decided to create a poster with our to do list, and we used the eBrush to decorate the paper!

Olivia is my little mini-me and decided she wanted to tackle the project. Matthew was busy writing down ideas of what to do, so that was helpful. We divided and conquered! 


+eBrush by Craftwell w/ Spectrum Noir Markers (all three are included in the HSN bundle!)
+Poster paper
+Cardstock (for our word templates)
+Digital die cutter to cut out the words: 'Summer','To-Do', and 'list' 
+Elmers Spray Adhesive

We used cardstock to cut out the words and sprayed the back with a little bit of elmers spray adhesive so that the template would not move. 

Olivia popped one of the markers into the eBrush and started to airbrush on the templates! So easy!

When she was done, she just gently pulled the cardstock template off the page to reveal the words!

She did the same process for the rest of the poster, and voila! 


Now, we are about to write things down on our list and hang it in the living room! 

We will have a guide to make this summer the best summer ever!!!!

Want an eBrush? Then tune in June 11th on HSN for it! The bundle includes the markers, the machine, and several adapter tips for most popular brand of markers! 

Happy Summer!



  1. How cute and sweet these gift cards are:) I am happy to see all of your stuff. Really creative, beautiful, and full of love. Gifts always give you something to think off and smile:)