Friday, June 7, 2013


Life Lately... 

So, don't think I want to pull the plug on this little blog! I have big plans! 

For now, I wanted to post some pictures of my trip to NYC a few weeks ago. Life here is busier than ever, by my lovely kiddos are out of school for the summer, and now I can dedicate more time to my little piece of the internet! 

I went to NYC for the CLA Stationary Show, and it was a blast! As some of you know, I work for Craftwell a company based in NYC, and while I had been to NYC before, I love seeing my Craftwell family whenever possible! And visiting Manhattan! There is always something new or some new restaurant to try! Craftwell tends to spoil me when I make it there!

Love the architecture of NYC! Those fire escapes are so classy and dreamy! 

While in NYC I got to visit MOMA. I love going to the museums! I can't wait to take my kids there someday! And someday, may be soon! 

I love that Craftwell appreciates and respects my beliefs! They even took me to the LDS church while in Manhattan on my day off! 

Because  I appreciate architecture and respect all religions, I wanted to visit the St. Patrick's Cathedral. It is so beautiful and breathtaking! 

But I was there to work! So after a fun weekend, we had to head to the show! The eBosser was a success! People LOVED everything about the machine! 

And how can you not?! This machine is of HIGH quality! We even opened the machine to show everyone what the inside of the eBosser looked like! No plastic parts here people! 

Tired of walking about 12 miles! NO JOKE. We walked a ton! My Texan self was struggling to keep up with these New Yorkers! 

Anyway, this is my life lately, and I'm loving it! I will be back with a few projects I have made! It seems with summer here, so is my itch to craft! 

See you soon!



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