Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday Gift Wrap Idea!

It's a Wrap!

Last week was my mother's bday. I had to do something special for her! That special thing I did was wrap some DoTerra Essential Oils in a cute little package for her!

A few weeks ago, I hosted a DoTerra demo and my mom really wanted to purchase some oils. BUT the oils are not cheap. Still, wanting to give her some, I bought the sample pack trip for $25 dls and wrap them pretty to present to her. 

She liked the box, and she liked her gift more! 

I used brown paper, lace, doilies, cutouts and stickers for this wrap job.

I hope you like!



  1. Really lovely and nice. a very good effort for your mother from your side.Its shows your love for your mothers. The mother word and this relation in precious for everyone throughout the world.

  2. Your craft ideas are amazing and so innovative. I always checkout your blog for getting new ideas for creating hand made crafts for any event. This card idea is lovely.