Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jazzy Wipee Case

{Blast From the Past}

I'm back on the Craftwell Blog! Today, I made one of my signature crafts, and it kind of made me a little sad :( It has been almost 3 years, since I made one of these, and that's because I no longer need them! I'm talking about, my upholstered wipee cases. I started making these wipee cases after I had my baby girl Olivia, but she is now 5 and will soon be attending Kindergarden!
NOOOOO!!!!! She is so big!
Anyway, after I had Oli, I wanted to have all kinds of cute girly things, since my first born is all BOY and he was just fine, with his plastic wipee case, as he would use it to throw around, and or house small toy cars ;) and lets face it, having a baby is expensive! And having a baby girl, even more so! So, after going to boutiques, and drolling at the sight of these cute wipee cases, I decided to put my big girl pants on, and try to figure out how to replicate them for a lot less!

And I did! And ever since then, these wipee cases have been my go- to baby shower gift, because not only are they cute, they are a darn necessity! And everyone LOVES them!
I have never done a blog tutorial on these wipees, but now I'm sharing the how-to with you! Go check out my wipee case tutorial, on the Craftwell Blog!
While you check that out, I will go cry in a hole now that it's hit me, that I may only make these to gift, and no longer for my own kiddos! :(
{This is me and my little kangaroo Oli in 2007. Matthew is as always, off doing his own thing!}



  1. Ok so I will need to purchase one of these! Boy or girl I dont care they are so freaking cute!! I will let you know in May what colors will need to be used! :)